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Connected vehicles

Connected Vehicles

Connected vehicles are a given. By 2025, 100% of new vehicles sold will be connected, including new features that will improve safety, enhance on-board entertainment and optimise fleet management.
This article explores these benefits and explains what connectivity means for drivers, passengers and the road users of tomorrow.

Mon 26/04/21
Arval Mobility Observatory Mobility and Fleet Barometer 2021

The Arval Mobility Observatory publishes its Mobility and Fleet Barometer 2021

The Arval Mobility Observatory publishes its Mobility and Fleet Barometer 2021, showing:

• Companies are more confident in the future than before the pandemic
• The shift towards electrified vehicles is accelerating at a global level
• Alternative mobility solutions are used increasingly often
• A continuous dynamic trend for operational leasing
• More and more connected vehicles are being used

Tue 20/04/21
Bike usage

Bike usage

As the global pandemic ground many industries to a halt and lessened the appeal of public transport, bicycles have experienced a renaissance.

Indeed, in 2020, EU bicycle sales grew 23%, and this growth is expected to continue. Europeans are expected to buy an extra 10 million bikes per year by 2030, a 47% increase from the annual number in 2019. To sustain the two-wheel momentum, €1 bn has been invested to create 2,300km of new bike lanes across the EU.

This article explores what these new trends mean for companies and looks at the perspectives of this growing sector.

Thu 18/03/21
Charging point

Charging infrastructure in Europe: room for improvement

At the beginning of 2020, when fleet manager’s interviews were conducted across Europe for the last Arval Mobility Observatory fleet Barometer, the main barrier against PHEV and BEV raised by companies that were not considering implementing these alternatives was the lack of public charging points. Moreover, 2020 saw a continuing trend across Europe of increasing electrification.

At the beginning of 2021, where do we stand regarding the public charging point’s situation?

Tue 09/03/21

Our World Mobility Tour: Lisbon, the 2020 European Green Capital

The next stop in our World Mobility Tour is in Lisbon, the 2020 European Green Capital.

Our discussion with Miguel Gaspar, the Deputy Mayor with responsibility for Mobility and Safety, enables us to discover all the mobility aspects and the strategy of this city regarding the mobility topic.

Tue 02/03/21
New PC registrations

European Passenger Car Registrations in 2020: historical global decline but with a huge increase of electrified cars

For obvious reasons, 2020 was not a good year for new car registrations in Europe: plants, dealerships and service workshops forced to close due to lockdowns and other restrictions throughout the year led to an unprecedented yearly drop in passenger car demand which fell by 24.3 %  in Europe  (EU + EFTA + UK) according to the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA).

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Fri 12/02/21

Autonomous Vehicles: Cybersecurity, Insurance and Infrastructure

Today's vehicles provide an unprecedented flow of information. Sensors and other sophisticated equipment collect data enabling new mobility applications such as autonomous vehicles (AVs).

It’s fair to believe that AVs will improve road safety and offer unique mobility opportunities. But they are also vulnerable to cyberattacks, glitches and traffic hazards from other road users which will require innovative insurance products and mindset.

This video presents some risks as well as solutions to address those threats and highlights what the future of insurance could look like in an automated world.

Mon 08/02/21
CES 2021

The CES 2021

The annual Consumer Electronics Show took place mid of January as an all-digital version for the first time in its history. No need to precise that this was due to the covid 19 pandemic.
During this event, the key trends highlighted were the following: digital transformation and digital health, robotics and drones, 5 G connectivity, vehicle technology (electrification, self-driving vehicle) and smart cities.
Our focus will be on vehicle technology, transportation, the megatrend of electrification remaining but having seen an acceleration during the pandemic in 2020.

Read more here:

Mon 25/01/21
Safety on our road

Safety and Security on our Roads

Innovations like the airbag, anti-lock braking and traction control have been developed to protect drivers, the passengers and pedestrians on our roads, but is this enough? As the drop in European road-users fatalities plateaus, governments and industry are breaking the mould to save lives.

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Wed 20/01/21