Autonomous Vehicles: Cybersecurity, Insurance and Infrastructure

Technologies 8 Feb 2021

Autonomous Vehicles: Cybersecurity, Insurance and Infrastructure

Cars are becoming more and more connected creating up to 25 GB of data per hour (discover more in our publication “ the Power of Data” https://mobility-observatory.arval.com/the-power-of-data).  

Sensors and other sophisticated equipment collect data enabling new mobility applications such as autonomous vehicles (AVs). Outside of specific usage cases, autonomous vehicles are not expected to be widely implemented before 2025. However, when it will be the case then we can expect that AVs will improve road safety, which will affect the insurance industry. In addition, they will offer unique mobility opportunities (an idea developed in our publication “the Last Mile” https://mobility-observatory.arval.com/the-last-mile).

However, this increase of technology and connectivity brings with it new challenges such as cybersecurity concerns.

This video presents some risks as well as solutions to address those threats and highlights what the future of insurance could look like in an automated world.


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