About Arval Mobility Observatory

Arval Mobility Observatory is a new, independent research and intelligence platform that provides detailed, authoritative insights into the world of mobility. Replacing the French Observatoire du Véhicule d’Entreprise, which was first launched in 2002, and the previous international Corporate Vehicle Observatory, it brings a 360° and worldwide insight in mobility trends, solutions and their applications in daily life. 

Arval Mobility Observatory aims at providing detailed and accurate information to share with all kinds of audiences  – not just larger companies but also smaller enterprises, individuals, car manufacturers, public institutions, students, media and others. It wants to contribute to society and the environment by helping all stakeholders in the chain to understand better the new mobility paradigm we evolve in, and support them to find their way in the jungle of increasingly more the mobility solutions available.  

In an era where data is becoming an essential asset, the Arval Mobility Observatory will look at what the collection and use of data can bring to the understanding of mobility ecosystems, as well as to the optimization of resources and performance improvement.

Safety, alternative energies and fuel, to name but a few are some of the key industry trends that the Arval Mobility Observatory observes and analyses both at local and international level. Part of this analysis is then distributed via one of the Arval Mobility Observatory's main deliverables, the annual Arval Mobility Observatory Fleet Barometer.

Where present the Arval Mobility Observatory produces books, white papers and studies on specific topics. In addition, it organizes dedicated workshops and conferences for companies and fleet managers as well as car manufacturers and lessors on a range of topics. The activity of the Arval Mobility Observatory is also heavily covered within the professional media with the organisation of press conferences and the active contribution to articles and press releases.

Ultimately the benefit of those that approach the Arval Mobility Observatory is to have access to expertise and knowledge through all its projects as well as through the voice of external experts who contribute to the success of the various initiatives.

Please find below the link to our websites and pages in our different countries:

France:  https://www.mobility-observatory.arval.fr

Sweden: https://www.arval.se/sv/om-arval/arval-mobility-observatory  

Spain: https://observatoriovehiculoempresa.es

The Netherlands: https://www.arval.nl/mobiliteit/arval-mobility-observatory

The UK: https://www.arval.co.uk/fleet-research/arval-mobility-observatory

Belgium: https://www.arval.be/en-be/corporate/arval-mobility-observatory

Poland: https://www.arval.pl/arval-mobility-observatory