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Updated European Commission rules of CO2 emissions

In 2018, Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles accounted for 95 % of all passenger car registrations. In 4 years, the landscape has changed and has benefited to electrified vehicles, the present consisting of broad mix of powertrains. The European Comission rules of CO2 emissions were updated in June. What are these new rules and what could be their impact on the current fiscal/tax measures in European countries?

Tue 30/08/22
Vehicle TCO

Vehicle's Total Cost of Ownership outlook

During the last 10 years, the total cost of ownership (TCO) price for a vehicle has followed a constant moderate increase, in line with inflation rates.
This article aims to bring to the readers’ attention the various elements of a vehicle TCO and the factors that affect them. Then to provide some actions that companies can take in order to mitigate these impacts as much as they possibly can.

Tue 10/05/22

The COVID-19 and impacts on LCVs fleet management

The coronavirus pandemic is firstly a human tragedy that is affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It is also seriously affecting all elements of the global economy. World governments have either imposed an almost total lockdown or containment measures in our daily activity for a significant period regardless of the economic cost.
Many companies have developed digital solutions and home working solutions but this is not possible for all kind of jobs.

Indeed, during this period, we have seen the development of e-commerce, online purchase requiring transportation of goods, food shopping deliveries and service activities such as elevators or plumbers or others. All these activities have one common point: they use LCVs.

What is the impact of COVID-19 on LCVs fleet management?

Tue 14/04/20
The Power of Data

The Power of Data

We hope this publication will give you the key to understand different uses of data and which factors could contribute to make our ecosystem a success for the benefit of all.

Mon 30/03/20


It is important for anyone responsible for running a fleet to be aware of the best financing solution for their company and fleet. You should question and consider wether you are funding your vehicles in the most effectice way.

Thu 26/05/16

Car Policy

Any company with employees who regularly drive on company business should have a written fleet policy. The following points are some of the topic headings that should appear in any policy.

Thu 26/05/16

The TCO Concept

By using a ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ (TCO) methodology a company can ensure that all aspects of the cost of operating a vehicle is considered and calculated rather than just the cost of the vehicle or the monthly rental.

Wed 25/05/16

How to choose the appropriate vehicle

Once the financing method and the introduction of the TCO methodology a Company can select the vehicle choice list that best meets the needs and expectations of the business.

Wed 25/05/16