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CSR reponsible fleets do more

CSR: Responsible Fleets do more

CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, is not a new concept, but it is an integral part of corporate strategies.

Already in 2006, the UK’s Small Business Consortium found that 88% of consumers are more likely to engage with businesses that are actively supporting social causes.
Ten years later, studies like the one by the European Citizens Action Service, show that more and more people are getting politically and socially active.

Fri 06/09/19
European Fleet Barometer

2019 European Fleet Barometer

Arval Mobility Observatory shares with you the findings of the 2019 European Fleet Barometer, independent study, covering 3541 fleet managers interviews in 12 countries.

Fri 26/07/19
Ami-100 % Electric

Electric choices

Electric vehicles offer many different options, each with their pros and cons.
But do you know the difference between Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) and Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) ?

Wed 03/07/19

Launch of the Arval Mobility Observatory

Corporate mobility  is evolving rapidly and new solutions are developing fast. This is why the Corporate Vehicle Observatory becomes the Arval Mobility Observatory, providing independent, authoritative research to understand and anticipate changes affecting the world of mobility

Tue 04/06/19


The 14th edition of the Fleet Barometer study carried out by the Corporate Vehicle Observatory in 12 countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, UK, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey) was released in May of this year highlighting some interesting and challenging trends for the future of the corporate fleets in terms of mobility and new technologies.

Thu 31/05/18

Amsterdam : The Lead to Smart Mobility

As we are more and more facing some environmental issues, pollution being the first factor being looked and worked at, Cities are slowly changing their landscape to better adapt transport and improve human’s health, reducing traffic, improving public transportation, offering alternatives that combine mobility, flexibility and pleasure.

Mon 11/09/17


In September 2017, the new norm WLTP will replace the current NEDC allowing a more precise and accurate calculation of the vehicles’ CO2 emissions

Thu 13/07/17

London : The lead to Smart Mobility

In the last 30 years London has doubled in size; and the forecast is that by 2036 the population would increase to 10 million from the current 8.6 million today

Fri 12/05/17