Last mile logistics

The last mile logistics

Mobility 10 Jul 2020

The last mile logistics: reinventing the supply chain

“The last mile” is a term usually used to describe the final link in the supply chain – when an order makes its way from the distribution centre or a retail location to the end consumer.

Recent global trends, like low transport emissions and the e-commerce boom, have brought last mile logistics to the brink of disruption. Before the proliferation of e-commerce, the supply chain for most items often ended at the retail space where the end user would travel for their purchase. 

Nowadays, food, shopping and other delivery services are the norm, and for some goods, the "last mile" is the "only mile" they will travel to reach the end consumer. Last mile logistics are a big part of this e-commerce revolution and can make up over one-quarter of the total cost of a shipment. Disruptions in the last mile can destroy business-models.

So what is this disruptive change that the last mile is facing?

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