Ami 100 %

Ami -100 % electric

CSR 3 Mar 2020

At a time when the Geneva Motor Show was canceled, Citroen went off the beaten track and unveiled Ami, its new 100 % electric mobility experience.

Ami seems to answer to the current challenges faced by cities: congestion, air quality concerns, less and less parking spaces.

Ami -100 % electric is not a car but a light quadricyle much like Renault’s Twizy 45. However, the comparison with Twizy 45 stops there.

Indeed, Ami is a new and disruptive proposal in many ways:

  •  A mobility solution dedicated to driving in urban environments with a range up to 70 km and a speed of up to 45km/h and very compact size: 2.41 m so parking is easy.
  • 100 % electric: a 5.5 kWh battery that can be charged in 3 hours on a conventional 220 V socket. 
  • An accessible mobility solution to all: Ami does not require a driving license, accessible from the age of 14 in France (16 on average in European countries, depending on legislation).
  • A new customer experience: a 100 % online process with delivery to home a possibility.
  • A disruptive distribution network: partners such as Darty or Fnac in France will be able to sell this mobility solution
  • A closed and heated interior and a driving position at the same level as other vehicles with two side-by-side seats.

This new solution could meet the expectations of young people, in urban areas, who often delay getting their driving license to a later time in their lives.

In France for example, less than 80 % of the people under 25 years old have their driving licenses compared to 90 % in 1981. It could be a means to bring young people and cars closer together.

In addition, at the same time its closed interior with its panoramic roof offering a level of protection greater than that offered by other two wheel solutions could appease parents.

Will it succeed? Well Citroen appears to be committed to finding new innovative solutions in response to the challenges of our cities. The future will let us know if they succeed.

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