We are facing more and more changes in Technologies today, new products are now available for every type of usage as well as equipments allowing the increase of safety, the lowering of CO2 emissions, improving traffic congestions...

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The Human Machine Interface

The Human Machine Interface

The idea of the Human Machine Interface (HMI) is as old as the Industrial Revolution. It describes how humans interact with machines, either through switches, voice commands or any other interactive means. The automobile has seen many iterations of HMI throughout the years. Today, AI assistants and near-holographic displays cohabitate with the traditional pedals, steering wheel and gear-lever that have been present since the first car.

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Thu 05/11/20
Hydrogen Fuel:an energy storage alternative?

Hydrogen Fuel: An Energy Storage Alternative?

Hydrogen is one of the Universe's most abundant elements. It is also potentially a way to store clean, renewable energy.
Although Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology has existed since 1839, hydrogen still has not achieved widespread popularity.
That may change.

Tue 13/10/20
Autonomous Shuttles

Autonomous shuttles: self-driving, available now

The consensus is out: Self-driving cars are going to change the world in incredible ways.
Everyone is sure it is going to happen, but few can say 'when'. First, what is an autonomous vehicle?
What are the hurdles faced by the autonomous future?
And what about autonomous shuttles?

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Tue 15/09/20
LCVs shift to electric powertrain

LCVs shift to electric powertrain

During the last few years, the number of LCVs has increased with the growth of last mile delivery as ever more shopping is carried out online. This trend has been reinforced during the Covid-19 crisis because of the explosion of online shopping due to the lockdown situation, without mentioning the delivery of services in city centers which require LCV usage.

With this significant increase, the challenges around last mile urban operations are becoming crucial for many companies. Congestion, air quality concerns, LEZ implementation and cost of the last mile are perhaps some of the main issues. However, all of these challenges represent real opportunities for OEMs.

What is the current situation? How are these challenges being managed?

Tue 07/07/20
Telematics: Gathering Essential Vehicle Data

Telematics: Gathering Essential Vehicle Data

Telematics solutions are a key part of any fleet manager’s toolbox, monitoring key factors impacting the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of entire fleets but also a precious tool for individuals to become active and responsible drivers.

Mon 18/05/20
CES 2020

The Consumer Electronics Show 2020

The Consumer Electronics Show 2020 which took place in early January in Las Vegas is the most important consumer technology show.
This year, it was the opportunity to demonstrate and to reinforce the fact that the future of mobility will be ACES: Autonomous, Connected, Electrified and Shared.

Fri 14/02/20
Ev Charging

EV Charging

Electric Vehicle charging: Where? When? How fast?

Mon 06/01/20

Electric choices

Electric vehicles offer many different options, each with their pros and cons.
But do you know the difference between Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) and Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) ?

Wed 03/07/19


Until yesterday and still today, the car was a cocoon, a marked out silent place, sealed to the outside environment, folded upon itself, its driver and its passengers. Then the phone was born!

Mon 30/05/16