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The 13th edition of the Fleet Barometer study carried out by the Corporate Vehicle Observatory in 13 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain, UK, Turkey, The Netherlands, Luxembourg) was released in April of this year highlighting some interesting and challenging trends for the future of the corporate fleets in terms of mobility and new technologies.


Furthermore, the improvement of the global economic situation in Europe can be clearly analysed in companies above 100 employees where fleet growth potential is higher and improving again compared to last year.

Research shows that there is a clear positive relation between the company size and operating Leasing as main financing method. If 14% of small/medium European companies use Operating Leasing, they are almost 44% of large companies to use it.

In general the use of new energies/technologies in companies has increased since 2015 whatever the company size (+5 points), Hybrids being the most expended with 26%. We also notice that UK and The Netherlands are the two countries the most advanced in terms of alternative energies. Also to be again highlighted, alternative energies adaption is clearly linked to government incentives and has conducted some countries to invest more on a specific energy such as CNG in Italy or LPG in Poland.

The use of telematics is very different from a country to another. Poland (35%), UK(34%), Czech Republic(32%) are on the top 3 while countries like Switzerland and Germany are 3 times lower.

The main purpose of the implementation of Telematics vary according to the size of the company. In small company the main purpose is for its ability to track and locate vehicles, as in large companies it is a tool used to improve driver safety and reduce fuel consumption.

The corporate vehicle focuses also on mobility alternatives, analysing fleet manager’s appetite for car sharing, ride sharing as well as mobility budget. Larger companies are registering the highest score compared to small companies, in large companies 64% use at least one of these 3 items versus 29% in small companies.


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