News 22 Jun 2017

The Audi A4 ranks number 1 representing 6% of the global fleet.

The average duration has been quite stable during these last 3 years : average 42.5 months but the mileage on the other side has increased from 31.5 to 36.3 thousand km.

The split bewteen diesel and petrol has also remained stable, with a 92% diesel fleet average.

In terms of CO2 emissions, we notice a slight decrease between 2015 and 2016 of 4.1g, giving an average 115.4g CO2 for the 2016 fleet.

Portugal is number 1 in terms of CO2 with an average 102.2, followed by France 104.4 and the Netherlands 104.8.

Netherland is the only country showing a real split between diesel and petrol as the fleet is composed of 74% diesel only, where other countries reach an average 90% or more.


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